Clever Shopping

Clever Shopping

Here are some money saving tips on how to keep up with fashion as well as buy pieces that look more expensive than they cost.


First, if you want to follow fashion trends for next season………………here is just some of what is coming up for Spring/Summer 2019:

COLOURS: Pastels, Warm colours (Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink), Nude, Neon and Metallics.

PRINTS: Tie Dye as well as Floral/Tropical prints.

COATS: Summer Trenches, Duster Coats

DRESSES: Utility, Maxi/Midi in Floral prints.

SKIRTS: The Sarong Skirt is back as well as mini skirts (but not too mini!).

TROUSERS: Cargo pants.

GOTHIC GLAMOUR IS BACK TOO: So lots of black – rock early Madonna!

HAIR ACCESSORIES: Tie back Bows for your ponytail, Hairbands

JEWELLERY: Hoop earrings

So – look what is in the shops now that follows these trends and hopefully you can pick up a few things in the sale. I have listed items that have a Summer Feel in my ‘Here Comes the Sun section’ as well as in ‘Summer Bags’.

When it comes to buying for children – buy ahead of the time they may wear it:

 If you see some fabulous leather shoes/sandals/boots that are in the sale but a size or two too big. Buy it now at a fraction of the price for your child to wear at a later date. Take advantage of the price reduction.

Obviously regularly measure their feet as they develop and then when they have reached the size you bought for they can enjoy the shoes. After all, I think kids look great in classic styles – so they never go out of fashion. The same goes for clothes.

A few tips on vintage costume jewellery buying for yourself or as a gift:

It’s wonderful to shop for Vintage Costume Jewellery as the quality is excellent and it always has more weight about it.

I find that the most reasonably priced website for this is  rather than I choose the former as most of what I buy comes from the USA and the brands were well known over there in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s – so they have a lot to choose from. Often the designers were regularly featured in Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and look real. 

Most of the earrings are clip-ons and when searching for something put in the search ‘signed earrings’ or ‘signed necklace’ as well as ‘signed clamper bracelets’ or whatever. I only look for things from the 50s  60s, 70s.

If you don’t name a designer it can be cheaper though. Sometimes people don’t realise what they are selling and you soon recognise the good stuff!

However, designers to watch out for are:

Alice Caviness Bergere  Boucher  Bogoff  Cadoro  Capri  Ciner  Coro  Corocraft  Eisenberg  Hobe  Hollycraft  Jomaz  Joseph Mazer  Juliana  Kafin  Kraft  Kramer  LEDO  Lisner  Lustern  Marvell  Monet (vintage)  Napier  Panetta  Polcini  Sarah Coventry  Schreiner  Sherman  Swoboda  Trifari  Vendome  Weiss

I often search for ‘ Signed Starfish or Signed Shell brooches’ from the 50s, 60s and 70s, as they are a great way to accessorise a beach bag, hold a sarong in place or add to a beach hat if it has a ribbon you can pin it onto.

Happy Shopping!