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In my shades, aged 2
My grandparents enjoying dinner on board HMS Queen Mary, on their way to New York where they loved to shop. My grandfather, normally very well-dressed, getting into the party festivities by wearing a party hat……..not the best look!

“Elegance is Elimination”

Cristóbal Balenciaga

Friends have always said I have great taste and a good eye for things. They complimented me on how I interior designed a home or what I was wearing. Well, we all love a bargain and I often surprised them by saying where it came from when they had thought it was by an upmarket designer. This was particularly satisfying when it came from the High Street or even a Supermarket and did not cost a fortune but looked the part.

I believe in the quote by Cristabel Balenciaga ‘Elegance is elimination’.

So this is how Born Elegant has evolved. Specially selected items have been chosen for you that make the grade. Listing stylish and classic items that are well made, feel good and are affordable.

Born Elegant saves you time as it’s a one stop shop website.

I have also added a few tips I think you might like in the Journal entries on Fashion, Home and Lifestyle.

Founder – Born Elegant

Introducing Ralph….the reason why I have a pet section in homeware is at his insistence...
My mother in the early 1970s. Always stylish and elegantly dressed.

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